Subject: Repeal a decision issued by the Tax Appeals Committee of the Ministry of Finance

On November 29, 2021, the Administrative Court (First Instance) issued its ruling in case No. 2821-2014 filed by The Securities House Company against the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance in his capacity by overturning the challenged decision in the inclusion of unrealized gain within the tax base based on which tax is calculated on The Securities House Company (amounting to KD 1.2 Million) with the consequent effects and the administrative authority is obliged to pay 100/- KD in litigation fees. There is no current impact on the company's business results, profits and its financial position, and the Company has already taken a provision for the full amount of the claim during the previous financial years, and if the first instance judgment is upheld at all levels of litigation or not appealed, the provision amount will be recorded as income.