Al Zad for Financial and Economic Consultancy KSCC (“Al Zad Company”)

Al Zad Company is a consulting and technology provider company that provides smart technology solutions in the financial investment field.

Al Zad Company has internally developed a smart Fintech application/platform (ZAD Platform”), which is the first Shariah-compliant digital investment platform that leads to a phenomenal secured and transparent investment experience.

To cater for the needs of the services provided by its parent company, The Securities House, in relation to its licensed activities by the Capital Markets Authority in Kuwait, Broker Not Registered in the Exchange and Investment Advisor, Al Zad Company has provided The Securities House with ZAD Platform.

ZAD Platform caters for providing trading and Robo-advisory services and provides access to thousands of Shariah compliant stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in the US stock market.  The platform provides the right investment tools to create a secure work environment which is compatible with different types of investors.