Company Profile

The Securities House is a public shareholding company incorporated in Kuwait in 1982 and since then, remained committed to expand its network of shareholders and investors and building trust to achieve growing returns.

The Securities House is deeply rooted in the Middle East for almost four decades of investment activities.

The Securities House is regulated by the Capital Market Authority as a licensed person and carries out the following activities:

  • Portfolio management on behalf of third parties,
  • Establishing and managing funds and collective investment schemes on behalf of third parties,
  • Providing financial advisory and research services,
  • Placement agent,
  • Dealing in securities on its behalf, and
  • Investment in real estate and other economic sectors.

The Securities House performs its activities in accordance with Shariah principles through a network of partners in the GCC, the UK and the United States.

The Securities House is able to strike a balance between managing risks and achieving returns, and as its investments and client base expand, so does its expertise in the global marketplace.