Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

On 4 January 2016, The Securities House’s Board of Directors approves the appointment of the vice chairman, Mr. Fahed Faisal Boodai as the Chief Executive Officer.  
Mr. Boodai has been engaged with The Securities House and its group of companies in various leading positions since 1997, including the Chairman of Gatehouse Financial Group, Chairman of Gatehouse Bank plc and the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Gatehouse Capital KSCC, a leading advisory company in international real estate investment (2003-2015) until he was appointed to this post.
Fahed has extensive experience in the fields of real estate, investment, finance and management.  He holds an MBA in Finance from Loyla Marymount University and Bachelors degree from the University of San Diego in the Unites States and has participated in continuing education courses and seminars at Harvard University.