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Gatehouse Financial Group

Gatehouse Financial Group Limited (“GFG”) is the parent company of Gatehouse Bank plc ("Gatehouse Bank", "Gatehouse") based in London, and Gatehouse Capital KSCC ("Gatehouse Capital") (together, the "Group" or "Gatehouse Financial Group") based in Kuwait. Gatehouse Financial Group was established in 2015 following a restructure of Gatehouse Bank. The Group has maintained a successful track record in real estate investment products with current assets under management in excess of $1.2 billion. Most of these assets are in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.  Through its subsidiaries, GFG concentrates on international markets with a focus on its main activities; firstly the banking and financing services of Gatehouse Bank, through residential mortgage finance, wealth management, retail deposit-taking, treasury operations as well as providing real estate investment opportunities in the UK, and secondly, the investment activities of Gatehouse Capital, by providing real estate investment opportunities in the US and excellent client service. This focus puts the Group in a unique and advantageous position to engage with international clients across Europe, the Gulf (GCC) and South East Asia.


Al Aman Investment Company

Al Aman Investment Company K.S.C. (Al Aman) is a leading Shariah compliant investment company based in Kuwait.  Al Aman offers its clients a variety of Shariah compliant financial services with a focus on asset management and investment advisory services. Al Aman is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) and the company makes it their goal to expand regionally in the field of investment management and further develop its strong base of key customers.

The emergence of Al Aman in the Shariah compliant financial medium was in 2005 when The Securities House acquired Al-Shall Investment and Consultancy Company and changed its name to Al Aman Investment Company with the aim to spin off The Securities House’s asset management business into an independent entity. Thus, Al Amanwas created to become the asset management arm of The Securities House, whereby, a sum of 1.8 billion U.S dollars of assets under management was transferred from The Securities House to Al Aman. Consequently, Al Aman investment was not a startup business, as it enjoys a wealth of experience, a prestigious heritage, and a wide client base from The Securities House. Moreover, Al Aman upholds the strong reputation of The Securities House in serving its clients with excellence for the past decades.


Gatehouse Financial Group Limited

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