Fahed Faisal Boodai

Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yousef Ibrahim Al Ghanim

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mohamad Tawfik Al Tahawy

Chief Operating Officer

Madi Talal Al-Khamis

Executive Vice President - Investment and Funds

Ahmed Fouad AlFalah

Executive Vice President - Private Equity

Yousef Faisal Almannaei

Executive Vice President - Public Equities

Moamen Salaheldin Zahran

Chief Financial Officer

Mohammad Ahmad Al Shaya

Senior Vice President - Wealth Management

Ghazi Abdullah Al-Osaimi

Senior Vice President - Public Equities

Hany Mohamed Zarad

Senior Vice President - Finanial Controller

Hatem Ibrahim Al-Kolak

Senior Vice President - Risk Management

Khaled Ahmad Al Fandi

Senior Vice President - Compliance

Abdultawab Ali Alobeid

SVP - Human Resources and Administration

Mohamed Mahmoud El-Sheikh

Vice President - Information Systems

Abdul-Razzaq Bin Ali Al Qattan

Vice President - Internal Shariah Audit